SBD Apparel South Africa

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SBD produces joint supports and apparel for powerlifting, strongman, weightlifting and other strength sports.

Sole distributor of the full range of SBD products in South Africa.

The company had a small online footprint, but needed to reach a wider audience within the strength sport community. A fully functioning e-commerce store was needed to reach the target audience.

Our Roles

SBD Apparel South Africa approached Fuse Factory to boost the company’s digital footprint. This included a complete e-commerce build and integration of their shop dynamically to the Google Merchant centre and the F-commerce store.

By dynamically integrating their e-commerce product catalogue to social media platforms we are able to promote ranges of products, launch new products and remarket products without the hassle of adding them one by one to our social media platforms.

Since the rebuild of SBD Apparel South Africa and the push of social media activity the shop has outperformed any previous online efforts. We are also able to follow the international company’s guidelines for new launches and run active campaigns to their standards.

Digital and Mobile Presence

With digital media, especially social media, more consumers are spending time and buying directly on mobile. It is important for new brands to grow their social following and be mobile responsive when it comes to the way the sell their products. Below is a quick view of what SBD Apparel’s integrated stores look like on mobile view within the native social media apps.

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