A hundred years ago, in the industrial English town of Oldham, a new mattress company named Crown Bedding opened its doors for the first time. It was a small beginning but it had a big future ahead of it. Within a few years Crown Bedding became Slumberland, the famous brand we know today.

Slumberland beds have become legendary for comfort, support, and absolute luxury. One of the best mattresses to purchase in South Africa, the Slumberland range offers its owners the promise of the most comfortable place in the world.


- Facebook Advertising
- Instagram Advertising
- Campaign Development and Management
- Graphic Design Creation
- Copywriting
- Social Media Management
- Campaign creation and Strategy
- Website Design and Development
- Google Ads
- YouTube Advertising

Our Roles

Slumberland approached us to assist with the redesign of their website as well as managing and running of their South African social media assets.

Fuse Factory’s main function is to run, manage and grow the South African social media pages, Google Ads and YouTube Channel and implement and run all social media ads.

With Fuse Factory managing the Slumberland Social Media pages, their Facebook page saw 123% growth and their Instagram page saw growth of 1563%.

We ran adhoc campaigns to promote The Slumberland Brand.

Together with the inhouse Brand Managers we created and designed all content and graphics for on page Social Media posts as well as dark ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital and Mobile presence

With digital media, specifically Google Ads and social media, more consumers are spending time and buying directly on mobile.
It's important for Proudly South African brands to grow their social following and be mobile responsive when it comes to the way
the sell their products. Below is a quick view of what Slumberland's digital and mobile presence looked like under our management.

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