Oakfields College


Oakfields College is registered as a private FET (Further Education and Training) college with the Department of Education

With campuses in Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, Greenstone, Johannesburg and Somerset West, Cape Town was established to promote the development of skills training in a variety of industries, namely business, broadcasting, sound and photography, fashion and film, to name a few. 

Oakfields College graduates are equipped for success, whether they begin a career right away or further their education through full-time study. 


- Social Media Integration 
- Website Design 
- New Campaign Roll Outs 
- Branding Strategies 
- Campaign Strategies 

Our Roles

Oakfields College approached Fuse Factory to assist with the running of all social media pages, website development and to roll out all weekly, monthly and yearly campaigns.

We have regular strategic meetings with the marketing team at Oakfields College to ensure the correct messaging is sent out.

Digital and Mobile presence

With digital media, especially social media, more consumers are spending time and buying directly on mobile.
It is important for new brands to grow their social following and be mobile responsive when it comes to the way
the sell their products. Below is a quick view of what Oakfields College's integrated stores look like on mobile
view within the native social media apps.

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