The Fuse Factory Process

Widening your digital footprint gives you the best chance of reaching your optimal target audience.

Ensure you stay top of mind through every step of your customer’s digital journey.

Business Model

Driving your audience from brand awareness to purchase to coming back for more!

Auditing and Evaluation

The Fuse Factory team sets out to ensure that we understand your core business as well as you do. We work through a briefing document and ask questions – until we are fully part of your team and understand your business. Together with you, we set objectives and KPI’s in order to comprehend precisely the functions we are taking responsibility for.


Once we are familiar with your business, target market and objectives, we begin by assessing the job that needs to be done to meet your objectives and digital strategy. Based on our experience with your industry and using insight tools (Netnography) that best serve it, Fuse Factory will assess and develop the best messages and visual style to communicate with and reach your specific audience. We don’t believe in ‘throwing darts in the dark’ and hoping to ‘hit the mark’ – we believe in targeted advertising to the relevant segments of business or consumers that will achieve the business growth we aim for.


The Fuse Factory team will tailor a bespoke marketing strategy for your company, based on our in-depth knowledge and research.  We will ensure that your messages reach your target audience so that each platform recommended in your strategy will work together to create a unique message that adds maximum value to your advertising spend.